Guitar Tuition


For more info and an informal chat please ring me on

086 338 6481  ( 9 am to 5pm)


I teach beginners to advanced players of all ages.

If pupils wish to study for grades or just require mentorship for improving their musicianship, lessons are adjusted accordingly.

Lesson Duration

Lessons last 20 to 30 minutes. There is a comfortable waiting area for parents of younger pupils. I am always keen to give advice and feedback to parents and guardians about a young pupils progress.

Free Written Material

I provide free written material when required, such as chord charts, sheet music and lesson notes.



Lessons start at 15 euro per half hour. However, anyone who wishes to commit to 10 lessons is only charged 120 euro for those ten.

Lesson Times

Lesson times can be arranged to suit the pupil, and only occasionally need to be changed, as I have performance commitments ongoing.