Inspiration from a Gentleman

                                             I was invited along to a talk yesterday, given by a man I’d never heard of, but had heard many times in my life, without knowing it. Ralph Rolle, drummer with the band Chic came to Athlone Institute of technology, to give a talk to my brother in law’s students, who are studying instrument … More Inspiration from a Gentleman

Final Harp Guitar Video

So here is the last video for this project. It’s been fun, so I am planning new builds already. However, I am missing playing every night, like I normally do. Also, I need to tke some time to work out a good technique for playing this thing!  

Guitar Build Day 04

It’s a bit disingenuous of me to title this day four……it’s been many more days. This is just the fourth blog, but that’s close enough to the truth for modern communication!! In the last couple of weeks I have been finishing the neck and body; Shaping the neck and routing out the spaces for the … More Guitar Build Day 04

Guitar Project DAY01

So here is the notional design I have decided on for the “harp/guitar” self build project. It will be constructed on the kit body (on right). This is not to scale but once the kit guitar body arrives I can make measurements and start cutting the wood for the “Harp” section that I am adding. … More Guitar Project DAY01