Pretty Joinery


I decided to strengthen the neck joint of the bouzouki I am rebuilding by putting an inlay across the joint vertically and instead of butting the heel up against the body, I cut over the joint at the bottom of the neck block.img_20180603_201414.jpg It is a very stable and strong joint now, and looks cool with the contrasting woods. I used a bit of the orange ‘paduk’ because the purple heart wasn’t quite thick enough to make the heel flush with the body. I think the sandwich effect is great. This all needs a good bit more finishing before I start to apply the Danish oil and shellac. It is sanded to 250 grit in this picture, but I will go up to 600 or even 800 grit smoothness before applying finishes. A good few hours of elbow grease yet! Also! I have completed the design for the finger board section, to fill in the gap left ahead of the sound hole. This along with initial analysis of the original bridge and debates with myself about weather I should make a new one, that could hold a piezo pickup, if I wished to instal one at a later date, has made lots more work possibilities loom on the horizon!

The other job completed in the last few days was the initial fitting of the neck and routing of the pick up cavity on the six string electric. davIt is really looking good, so I hope the final fit will do the guitar justice. I have again gone for a ‘bolt on’ neck option with this build. Can’t bring myself to just glue a neck in place. Probably because I don’t trust my carpentry skills yet.

I have decide to call this guitar “Thing Fish” after the Frank Zappa project of the same name. Hope that doesn’t infringe, copyright! Don’t think the Zappa corp will care about a one off guitar. The reason for choosing that name was due to my neck carving on the head stock I decided to get all sculptural and adventurous and came up with this asymetrical, organic fish design.


It took a good deal of rasp, file and fine chisel work, but I kinda like it. With the body cavities for the electrics all routed out on the six string, I have only the machine tuner holes to cut before we start to think about endless sanding and finishing of the wood. So much sanding! If I get a really good finish I might try a shellac coat on the guitar as well as the bouzouki.

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