Neck glued


Bit of a complex joint, with a tapering tenon and a bevel on tenon too. But it all went together very snugly. I did consider a bolt from the inside for extra strength but it feels pretty good. This was glued up yesterday and today I cut the fret board slots. Once I glue that on too, it will be really strong.

There is nothing more satisfying than a snug fit in a joint. I hate the look of the varnish and pitted wood, but it is inspiring me to go for a high quality shellac finish, even if the thought of all that rubbing and polishing is a bit daunting.

The other job done, before the glue up yesterday was to do a final shaping of the head stock, then drilling of the machine tuner holes. The purple heart was a great choice of wood, I think. It looks really well.

Now we must wait for some fret wire. The stock I have is a little too big for a bouzouki. I bought a massive batch of “jumbo” fret wire because I like that on guitars, but I think a bouzouki needs something a little more delicate. Therefore, the next blog may well be about the six string guitar, as I have just finished the neck fit up on that and am planning the routing of all the cavities in the body for electrics etc.

Above is a picture of the slotted fret board as it will be when glued to the neck. It stops a little short of the sound hole and some of the repair on the surface of the sound board, ahead of the hole, is exposed. This is because I have changed the scale length of the original instrument…something that can be done if you build a whole new neck. I did this to bring the scale length to 25.5 inches (648mm). It is longer than the original and will make playing easier with my big fingers. Also the tone will improve, I hope!

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