Well worth the work

Some serious chisel work again today, with the pickup cavity and the electrical cavity cut. Hole for the one control knob was also successfully drilled. I was really nervous because I had to get the wood down to about 5mm thick for the potentiometer to attach correctly.


Flattened the fret board and did the first neck fit and placing of the hardware. This thing looks great, even though I say so myself. There is still so much work to do. The fret work needs to be done….when the wire arrives. The neck needs shaping, the head stock needs the holes for the tuning machines drilled. I will have to wire the push/pull control knob, finish building the bridge……and sanding and finishing with oils, and more sanding…..

Below are some shots of the first neck fit. Its by far the most prcise piece of joinery I’ve done. Its a really snug fit. I am now debating weather to just glue the neck or use bolts to hold it in place. Seems like another one of those debates in the guitar world. Some luthiers say that the glue is stronger than the wood, so bolts add nothing to the structural integrity. I think bolts are less likely to fail than glue…..but what do I know. More research required I think.

Finally some shots of the ‘radical’ placement of the jack socket and the electrical cavity in back of the instrument.

Now its time to do some research on wiring a humbucker to a push/pull pot. Then more sanding…always with the sanding!

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