Back to hand tools…..

I’m back to hand tools, after my nervous brush with a large circular saw yesterday. I have completed the taper in the neck using rasps, files and sandpaper on my trusty fret leveling beam from Crimson Guitars  , you don’t just have to use it on frets you know! You can use it for any fine straight edge work, really handy.


keeping up with the hand tools theme I cut the neck pocket in the body too, using only chisels and files. So much more controlled than the cheapo router I own. I also used my snub nose plane today, for the first time. IMG_20180329_202155.jpgThis is a multi purpose tool, which can be configured for different types of work. It is a good shoulder plane with the long nose on. I used the ‘short nose’ and ‘no nose’ configurations today, to plane smooth the bed of the pocket which worked really well.

The project is now, well and truly stalled. Unless the fret wire and pick up arrive tomorrow, I have no more steps I can do. I may have to start cutting the body for the six string. I will film that project, now that I’m confident I won’t make any totally stupid mess ups. I am starting to think ahead to the electronics. I have ordered just one neck position pickup, as I tend to almost never use bridge pickups anyway. Keeping with the simplicity feel, I am going for only one control knob on the front of the guitar, which will have a push/pull feature, so it will act as a tone and volume all in one knob. On the simplicity theme, I will perhaps now name this the ‘Zen’ 8 string.

My other thought is to offset the input jack socket, so it is pointing upwards, and is possibly indented for a more ergonomic feel, possibly even on the back of the body, bit like the Abasi guitar. I got the idea for the two knee cut outs in the bottom of my guitar from the Abasi design, which apparently is shaped for a higer neck position when playing on the knee. Abasi guitars have a boring low curve in the top of the body, which to my eye makes them look a bit 70’s functional retro and boring. Though I’m sure they are far more precision built than my 8 string will be!

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