Now that is some Nice grain pattern



This is starting to look like it might become a guitar, eventually. The fret board wood arrived today, (see pics). It is a lovely piece of Macasscar Ebony. A lovely orange/yellow swirl in it. As you can see from the pictures the eight string bridge also arrived. This is perfect timing as I will need it for accurate measurement of the neck width required. I have decided to seek help from people who know, regarding the rip cutting of the neck blank. I need to cut the taper in the neck so I can get the fret board cut to match, and not have too much fine tuning of the neck edges.Also, as you can see, the body has turned out fine. I spent the sfternoon doing an initial shaping of the contours, though many more hours of finer rasping and sanding will be required before I am finished. IMG_20180322_193229.jpgI am really happy with how the figuring in the grain has come out. I was debating with my daughter, Medb, weather I should use a piece of the Ash to match the head stock with the body. She thinks I should just leave the laminations exposed and I would tend to agree with her. Below you can see all the main pieces together on the workbench. I am excited again because we now have to choose a pickup to order online, as I will need that soon for sizing up the holes I will be routing in the body for the electronics. Also on the next shopping list is machine tuning heads and fret wire. I think I will go for jumbo steel frets. Plenty more steps before this project comes to an end. IMG_20180322_193933.jpgSo far no unsalvageableĀ  disasters. I am off now to shop for a pickup and fret wire and machine heads, oh and I will need a volume knob…..





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