Starting to make some progress

Well, I finally have some pictures of more than just raw wood. Today we started by making some templates, from the master plan. Then transferring that template to the wood.

Then came the nerve racking bit, which was cutting out the shape in this beautiful wood with a jig saw….free hand….because I don’t own a band saw. Yes I am looking ahead down the track and wondering how I am going to rip cut the neck……I’ll think of something. The end result was grand.

Speaking of the neck; Yesterday I spent five hours doing the most accurate and meticulous planing I have ever attempted. And it went really well. With the use of a low angle jack plane and a number 4 plane set up really fine for smoothing I got the pieces super smooth for lamination. You couldn’t squeeze a knat’s fart between those boards. The squarest and smoothest boards I ever produced. Two pieces of 6mm thick Wenge and Three pieces of Maple.

As you can see, they were laminated together today, using a jig I built just for the purpose. Hopefully gonna make some more guitars, so I don’t mind taking time to build something I can use again. I couldn’t glue up the top to the body because I don’t have enough clamps! Slowly, slowly. Will glue up the body tomorrow. Then We will have to attack the rough cutting of the neck…..which will be interesting because I may have to do the rip sawing by hand. Then I think for the next while I will be concentrating on the body contouring. 


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