All the Wood I need

 The wood from Timberline in the UK has arrived. First job will be to flatten any little imperfections. The eight string guitar will have three pieces of 1st choice Maple from the U.S. with two strips of 6mm Wenge….probably from South America, via an unsustainable and thoroughly unethical route!! But it’s O.K. because we are building a guitar, so that makes it alright.

Beautiful Wenge

The first of the six string guitars will have maple and Paduk in the neck.

Starting to encounter more questions about how to proceed than I have answers for. I will have to flatten the rest of the wood I received today. They seem to have shipped it with one reference edge, so that will make life a little easier.

Here are some pics of the Elm I am flattening and shaping for the bodies. I had some Beech wood but I am going to save that for another project.


Here are the neck pieces laid out ready to square up and laminate. Hope I do the wood justice! Next step is cutting out some templates in boring old MDF to use for the build. We have some broad design drawing for the overall shape, size and feel, but I now need to do some 3D tech drawings to make the templates from. Starting to wish I had a band saw, when I look at all that wood I have to shape

That Paduk looks spectacular. I am beginning to think I might look into getting a thicker piece to use as a finger board. Although I am looking forward to receiving the “Purple Heart” pieces from Crimson guitars that I am using as finger boards for the first two builds.

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