Lets Build Guitars

OK, and they’re OFF.  Some shots of the first scale drawings of two guitars I am about to build. A six string with a slightly Baroque, fussy outline, I think I am going to call it “The Bug”, and an 8string, 24 fret beast, that I haven’t named yet.

They will both be a combination of Beech or Elm body with an Ash top. I will choose which gets the Elm or Beech when I take the cup and twist out of the timber and get a better look at the grain.

Here is the Raw wood. I started squaring it up this afternoon.

Lovely rich red in heartwood.

The wood for the necks is winging its way to me from Timberline in the UK. The neck wood is a mixture of Paduk, Maple and Wenge. I wanted a light and dark contrast and some brilliant colours, which the Paduk should cover with its lovely orange tinge. The necks will be five piece Laminated. The fret boards I will be making from a couple of  pieces of Purple Heart I have acquired, so I hope it will be a pleasant selection of contrasting colours, grain and tones.

I debated Fan Fretting the 8string, but I’m just not convinced of the supposed advantages. Perhaps the next set of guitars after these two might feature a fan fretting.

We are all tooled up and the workbench is finally finished. Time to start building. See some pics below of the first vise fitted to the workbench. Finally made a handle for it.


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