Reflections on Repair and New Builds

With a small workshop, and one employee, (me), it’s hard to take on completely new builds. I have just finished a new semi acoustic from scratch (see here), but it took nearly six months of design and building. Admittedly the last two months were due to a tool supplier being really slow at delivering a fret levelling file and other pieces of equipment. Still, it’s a long a slow process. I get a more instant joy from making repairs and upgrading instruments. I have posted a little picture diary here, to illustrate the processes involved in making and repairing guitars.

This first set of pictures (above) are of the initial layout for a new neck I installed on this classical body. I think the guitar was an ‘Admira’, not a high end make, but well constructed and worth repairing. You can see the initial joint with dowels and the pencil marks for the headstock layout.

Then comes the planning of the heal and how it will join the body. (above).

Then the first rounding and shaping of the neck, heal and headstock (above). This beech wood had a beautiful grain in it, which was nice and even. It made for some easy and precise carving and eventually ended up looking like this, (below).

Some of the tools used to complete the task can be seen below, along with some shots of the original, broken neck.

All building at Clareguitar is with hand tools, none of ya fancy CNC machines here!

I am planning a series of videos showing the repair of a bouzouki to be published soon on my youtube channel here

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