Guitar Build Day 04


It’s a bit disingenuous of me to title this day four……it’s been many more days. This is just the fourth blog, but that’s close enough to the truth for modern communication!!

In the last couple of weeks I have been finishing the neck and body; Shaping the neck and routing out the spaces for the new pickups and extra electronics. I did everything by hand, (see pics below) as I was afraid of doing damage with my cheapo electric router.

Making a decision on how to control the new pickups led me to seek advice online. I had originally planned to wire the two new, JBE pickups in series and attach the hot lead to one of the control points on the kit guitar switcher. I was then advised by some enthusiastic and friendly fellow “guitarists of G+” members, that I should wire in parallel, and perhaps add a toggle switch to isolate the new pickups from the rest of the circuitry.

So with that decision made, I was able to concentrate on painting the neck and work out how I would bolt the whole thing together.

As far as bolting on the new neck went, I decided to go for roofing screws as they come with nice wide, rubberised. washers, that I countersunk to keep them flush with the back of the body.

The only big disaster was with the through body string arrangement. I had some nuts I was using as string fasteners. I damaged the wood on back of the bady countersinking one, so I decided to rout the whole line out and in my haste used my aformentioned, cheapo  router….and guess what I gouged out even more splinters!! I broke my golden “Hand Tools Only” rule.  This will be tidied up in the coming days.

The painting didn’t go so well. I went for an obnoxious orange, but was sensible enough to try it out on the head stock first. This caution paid off as I discovered that spray painting a guitar from cans, by hand is a disaster. My attempt to remove some of the paint actually turned out quite well. Leaving a cool effect of the grain being stained orange, which I think is quite effective. The back of the neck was then given several coats of a clear, satin varnish and the body was treated with Dutch Oil polish. I felt the wood looked classy enough in the body not to require staining…….especially as I have discovered what a pain in the ass spay painting is.

You can see here the final construction, although I will make a video now to talk through my thoughts and discoveries about tuning options, how the guitar sounds plugged in ,(REALLY LOUD!)  and electrical issues.

A really satisfying first build and a solid foundation for a new project that I will build from scratch, not relying on any pre-built parts.

One thought on “Guitar Build Day 04

  1. Wow! I think this is amazing. David told me you said it was loud, is that the purpose, to have a really full sound? Will you do a video of you playing it? Do you plan to keep it or sell it?

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