Guitar Build Day 03

At this stage I am looking beyond the body and neck shaping and thinking about the placement of the pickups and where I want to place any extra control knobs for the additional pickups. I have bought two JBE pickups. They are a good make, so will hopefully do the job.

I have started to wonder if I might not be better off integrating the new pickups into the wiring of the original three pickups on the ‘Kit’ section of the guitar. It will make for a tidier body and I could just use one of the toggle control positions as the ‘On’ position for the new ‘Harp’ section pickups. The next video and post will be all about electrical schematics and wiring options for the build…..once I’ve done some research on it!

Here are some pictures of the neck taking shape. In the first picture you can see the dowels I used to make a stronger joint between the neck and the head-stock. The second two are pictures illustrating the contouring I achieved on the neck, using hand planes and spoke shaves…..and good old sanding.

imag0273 imag0271 imag0270

And here is a video of the latest stage of the project.

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