Guitar Body. Laminating and shaping

So here are the latest pictures of the work in progress. Some compromises and changes have been made to the original design. I have started shaping the neck and hope to cut the head stock tomorrow.

Because I chose the ‘Strat’ style body from the kit company, I have given myself some extra shaping problems. The Stratocaster is a very contoured body, so when I sliced off the top to add the extra width for the twelve string neck, I needed to contour the new section of wood into the original body shape. This presented some challenge but I think its turned out well. As you can see from the pictures it is not the first design I conceived for this guitar. In the video below, you can see the original design concept and how it was going to make the instrument too top heavy. I have decided to go for the ‘two neck’ style, a’ la Jimmy Page and many others. My second neck is moving towards the harp theme. The strings are mainly there to be played open. I envisage an open chord/arpeggio being played on the twelve string harp section, which I will ‘loop’ and then play over, on the normal guitar neck.

The last image is a a look at some of the contouring I had to do on the back of the body. The next step is the neck. The joining of the head stock to the neck will be an interesting challenge to my wood working abilities!




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