Guitar Project DAY01

So here is the notional design I have decided on for the “harp/guitar” self build project. It will be constructed on the kit body (on right). This is not to scale but once the kit guitar body arrives I can make measurements and start cutting the wood for the “Harp” section that I am adding. I think I will go for lamination of the two sections using dowels. I had thought I might join the wood together with splines in the shape of music notation, but I want to stain the wood then clear varnish it, so I think splines would distract from the final design, (and they would be difficult and I might feck it up!).



I would never try to build an acoustic instrument, as I have no pretensions of being a Luthier. I bought the cheep kit guitar so that I would have a ready made neck, because while I could build an electric guitar body shaping a neck would be beyond my woodworking abilities!

I have these pickups to put into the “Harp” section, (it will be twelve strings, so a blog about tuning decisions will pop up in the near future). I cant decide weather to wire these pickups into the existing jack on the kit guitar I am buying, or have a separate jack for the “harp” section, so that if the sound is really poor, I can at least route it to the ADC  and use the computer to ‘enhance’ the sounds I get. A MIDI interface for the “harp” section is also an appealing Idea.


Any opinions….let me Know.

I built this Harp last year, for a performance called, “Shape Shifter”. It was a bit of a bodge job because the wood was of poor quality, and I didn’t really consider the tuning in any deep way. It worked great, but hasn’t lasted the test of time. The plus side is that I have twelve machine heads for this new project!



The project is inspired by this kind of instrument.

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