New Ibanez on its way

Just bought this guitar. Should arrive to me shortly. Some musicians have told me I’m crazy buying a guitar online. “How do you know if you’ll really like the weight and balance, the tone, the feel of the neck?…..” Well, I wouldn’t buy a guitar I hadn’t played. I have played this exact model and I loved it. Yes, all guitars will be different, but after 30 years playing I can say with utter certainty that you never know an instrument immediately. They all have to grow on you, you have to , “grow into” them, over time. Just because you played a guitar in a shop for twenty minutes, doesn’t mean you have any more insight into the instrument than buying online. You have to take it home. What I’m saying is that all instrument purchases are a shot in the dark.


This is a mid price range model for an Ibanez. My other pet hate is the concept that if a guitar costs 5000 euro, or dollars, that you will play better, or it will sound better than one half the price. Guitar prices are a bit like wine prices. You can by a 50 euro/dollar bottle of wine…but it won’t taste 40 euros better than a 10 euro wine. A good deal of the extra costs in these things is snobbery. This guitar has beautiful wood, a respected name, top of the range pickups, expensive metalwork in the bridge and machine heads, so its materials are top of the range. It just doesn’t have a famous guitarists name stuck to it, and it isn’t a “vintage” remake/copy/classic. Which are the things you pay all the extra money for.

I’ll blog a bit about how I get on with it. It is being purchased for a new business and performance venture, (details to follow).

The other purchases were a DeMarzio pickup for my old Artcore, Ibanez semi Acoustic. I wanted a warmer and more powerful, fuller tone n the neck pickup, so I will be blogging about fitting that to my other main guitar.

And finally………I have purchesed a kit guitar for sixy euro. The plan is to use this basic set to build a custom guitar, which will include an extra twelve string harp/drone/zither thing section for freaky looping accompaniment to the six string bit. Designs and initial project plans in next post.



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