I have been furiously writing music all this month, some conventional, others pieces …not so conventional.    Here are a couple of examples of a more freestyle approach I have been taking.  Click the images to see a pdf.


This first one is entitled “Celebration fanfare to the Quick death of Computer Music (for assorted Brass and Percussion).”

Only an imaginative human mind could interpret this with any cohesion. I was thinking of all those guys like Xanakis and Schaeffer, and I was reaching for something that might punch them, and their cul de sac, music theories  in the face. Excuse the aggression….but I wasted a good deal of time studying those twits.

The second one (below), I note also hopes for a “Slow painful death for music theorists.” My god this anger and aggression is shocking me…but its how I feel. This is also a percussion piece, and perhaps, watching the video below might explain where I was coming from in terms of music theory, although the piece is an analysis of theories in rhythm…..and how they don’t really make any sense. Especially the idea that music is somehow just mathematics.



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